IEEE C62.35-2010 pdf free download

IEEE C62.35-2010 pdf free download

IEEE C62.35-2010 pdf free download.IEEE Standard Test Methods for Avalanche Junction Semiconductor Surge-Protective Device Components— Corrigendum.
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his test specification has been developed for the purpose of testing and evaluating avalanche junction semiconductor type surge protective device components. These components are used as a surge diverter for limiting transient overvoltages in power and communications circuits. These components are similar to a standard Zener or avalanche regulator diode except that they are designed for short time-frame occurrences than continuous regulation. The interest in low-voltage avalanche junction semiconductor surge protective devices has grown with the trend to highly sophisticated electrical and electronic devices that are exposed to surges from the environment. Initially, there were a few standard terms or tests to define or compare these devices. The IEEE Surge Protection Devices Committee formed its Low Voltage Surge Protection Devices Working Group in 1970 to define these parameters. Experts were drawn from many fields in communications and power utilities, electronic manufacturers and users, test equipment manufacturers and laboratories, and producers of avalanche junction semiconductor surge protective device components. The requirements, experiences, and vocabularies of these representatives were melded to produce IEEE Std C62.35 as a guide to potential users of these components. The first document was published in 1987 and reaffirmed in 1993. The 2010 updates the test circuits, removes little used definitions, adds an insertion loss test and harmonises with IEC terminology. Specifically, this corrigendum fixes an error in the 2010 publication.

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