IEEE C57.135-2011 pdf free download

IEEE C57.135-2011 pdf free download

IEEE C57.135-2011 pdf free download.IEEE Guide for the Application, Specification, and Testing of Phase-Shifting Transformers .
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advance phase angle: The phase angle expressed in degrees that results when the load (L) terminal voltage leads the source (S) terminal voltage. excitation-regulating winding: A two-core phase- shifting transformer (PST) design in which the exciting unit has one winding operating as an autotransformer that performs both functions listed under excitation and regulating winding of a two-core PST. 1 IEC publications are_ available from the_ Sales_ Department of_ the_ International Electrotechnical Commission, Case_ Postale_ 131. 3_ rue_ de_ Varembe. CH-1211. Geneve 20. SwitzerlandSuisse (http://www iec.ch/). IEC publications are also available in the United States from the Sales Department. American National Standards Institute. 11 West 42nd Street, 13th Floor. New York, NY 10036. USA. 2 IEEE publications are available from the Institute of Elecrical and Elctronics Engineers, 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08854-4141, USA http:/standardrs.ice.org). 3 The IEEE standards or products referred to in this clause are trademarks owned by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Incorporated. 4 The IEEE Standards Dictionar: Glossary of Terms and Definitions is available at htp://shp.iee.org. ? Information on references can be found in Clause 2. excitation winding: The winding of a phase shifting transformer (PST) that draws power from the source to energize the PST.
4. Application and theory of PSTs 4.1 Introduction The development of large, high-voltage power grids has enabled power consumers to enjoy the benefits of more reliable and efficient service and has allowed generation sources to be, in some cases, located long distances from large load centers. Although large interconncted grids strengthen a power system’ s reliability, complications can arise with the control of steady-state power flow along certain segments of the system. These complications can be attributed to several factors, including the impedance of parallel paths in the power grid, variation in power generation output, and variation in loads and load center phase angles.

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