IEEE C57.12.34-2009 pdf free download

IEEE C57.12.34-2009 pdf free download

IEEE C57.12.34-2009 pdf free download.IEEE Standard Requirements for Pad-Mounted, Compartmental-Type, Self-Cooled, Three-Phase Distribution Transformers (2500 kVA and Smaller)- High-Voltage: 34 500 GrdY/19 920 Volts and Below; L .ow Voltage: 480 Volts and Below .
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7.2 Tolerance on impedance voltage The tolerance on nominal impedance voltages shall be as specified in 9.2 of IEEE Std C57.12.00. 7.3 Tolerance on impedance voltage on a tap The percent departure of the tested impedance voltage on any tap from the tested impedance voltage at rated voltage shall not be greater than the total tap voltage range and shall be expressed as a percentage of the rated voltage. 8. Tests 8.1 General Except as specifed in 8.2 of this standard, tests shall be performed as specified in IEEE Std C57.12.00 and IEEE Std C57.12.90. 8.2 Dielectric tests For wye-wye connected transformers, no applied voltage test is required on the high-voltage winding. An induced voltage test shall be performed as specified in IEEE Std C57.12.90. The voltage induced between the high-voltage line terminals and ground shall be the lower of the following values: a) 3.46 times the rated high-voltage winding voltage plus 1000 volts, or b) The applied voltage test values provided in IEEE Std C57.12.00, Table 5.
9. Construction 9.1 General A pad-mounted, compartmental-type transformer shall consist of a tank with high-voltage and low-voltage cable terminating compartments, as shown in Figures3 and 6 or Figures8 and 10 of this standard. The compartment shall be separated by a barrier of metal or other rigid material. 9.2 Compartment configuration The high-voltage and low-voltage compartments shall be located side-by-side on one side of the transformer tank. When viewed from the front, the low-voltage compartment shall be on the right. 9.3 Access Each compartment shall have a door so constructed as to provide access to the high-voltage compartment only after the door to the low-voltage compartment has been opened. There shall be one or more additional captive fastening devices that must be disengaged before the high-voltage door can be opened. Where the low-voltage compartment door is of a flat panel design, the door shall have three-point latching with a handle provided for a locking device. The compartment doors shall be of sufficient size to provide adequate operating and working space when removed or open. The doors shall either be equipped for latching in the open position or designed for manual removal.

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