IEC 61549-2005 pdf – Lampes diverses Miscellaneous lamps

IEC 61549-2005 pdf – Lampes diverses Miscellaneous lamps

IEC 61549-2005 pdf – Lampes diverses Miscellaneous lamps.
1 Scope This International Standard specifies lamps, or information relevant to lamps, not given elsewhere in existing IEC lamp standards. It covers both safety and performance aspects. NOTE For reasons of flexibility the information in this loose-leaf publication is given in data sheet format. 2 General requirement The lamps specified in this standard shall comply with the relevant safety standard, if available. 3 Data sheets 3.1 General principle of numbering of data sheets The first number represents the number of this standard: 61 549, followed by the letters “IEC”. The second number represents the data sheet number. The third number represents the edition of the page of the data sheet. In cases where a data sheet has more than one page it is possible for the pages to have different edition numbers with the data sheet number remaining the same.
Lampholder requirements : a) When the lamp is in position, the lampholders shall engage the lamp so that its axis cannot be displaced in any direction at right angles by more than 0,75 mm. b) Live parts shall be shielded to prevent accidental contact when the lamp is in position. c) When the lamp is not in position the lampholder contact shall not extend beyond the face of the lampholder. d) With a lamp of nominal overall length in position the force on the lampholder contacts shall not be greater than 7 N and not less than 3 N. e) When introduced into one lampholder and with the lampholder contacts compressed, a lamp of maximum length shall pass the face of the opposing lampholder with a gap of 0,5 mm minimum. f) When a lamp of minimum length is held firmly between the pair of opposing lampholder contacts, the movable contact shall be compressed by not less than 1 ,0 mm. If both lampholders have movable contacts the compression shall be not less than 1 ,0 mm for each contact.
1 General This sheet gives symbols for lamp operating position limitations. These symbols may be used in manufacturer’s literature and on the lamp package. The lamps are illustrated in the position in which they are to be used. The deviations allowed are indicated by white sectors in a shaded field. The “not allowed” field may be completely filled or shaded, for example, by hatching or use of a raster. It is recommended to add to this symbol a code for the basic operating position followed by the angle of the permissible deviation.

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