IEC 60393-6-2003 pdf – Potentiometers for use in electronic equipment – Part 6: Sectional specification: Surface mount preset potentiometers

IEC 60393-6-2003 pdf   – Potentiometers for use in electronic equipment – Part 6: Sectional specification: Surface mount preset potentiometers

IEC 60393-6-2003 pdf – Potentiometers for use in electronic equipment – Part 6: Sectional specification: Surface mount preset potentiometers.
1 General 1.1 Scope This International Standard is applicable to surface mount preset potentiometers for use in electronic equipment. 1.2 Object The object of this standard is to prescribe preferred ratings and characteristics and to select the appropriate quality assessment procedures, tests and measuring methods from IEC 60393-1 and to give general performance requirements for this type of potentiometer. Test severities and requirements prescribed in Detail Specifications referring to this Sectional Specification shall be of equal or higher performance level, lower performance levels are not permitted. 1.3 Normative references The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies. IEC 60063:1 963, Preferred number series for resistors and capacitors Amendment 1 (1 967) Amendment 2 (1 977) IEC 60068-1 , Environmental testing. Part 1: General and guidance IEC 60068-2-20, Environmental testing. Part 2: Tests. Test T: Soldering IEC 60068-2-21 , Environmental testing – Part 2-21: Tests – Test U: Robustness of termin- ations and integral mounting devices IEC 60068-2-45, Environmental testing. Part 2: Tests. Test XA and guidance: Immersion in cleaning solvents IEC 60068-2-58, Environmental testing – Part 2-58: Tests – Test Td – Test methods for solderability, resistance to dissolution of metallization and to soldering heat of surface mounting devices (SMD)
1.4 Information to be given in a Detail Specification Detail Specifications shall be derived from the relevant Blank Detail Specification. Detail Specifications shall not specify requirements inferior to those of the generic, sectional or Blank Detail Specification. When more severe requirements are included, they shall be listed in 1 .8 of the Detail Specification and indicated in the test schedules, for example by an asterisk. NOTE The information given in 1 .4.1 and 1 .4.3 may, for convenience, be presented in tabular form. The following information shall be given in each Detail Specification and the values quoted shall preferably be selected from those given in the appropriate Clause of this Sectional Specification. 1.4.1 Outline drawing and dimensions The Detail Specification shall incorporate an illustration of the surface mount preset poten- tiometer as aid to easy recognition and for comparison of the surface mount potentiometer with others. Dimensions and their associated tolerances, which affect interchangeability and mounting, shall be given in the Detail Specification. All dimensions shall be stated in millimetres. Normally the numerical values shall be given for the length, width and thickness of the body. Where space is insufficient to show the detail dimensions required for inspection purposes, such dimensions shall appear on the drawing forming an annex to the Detail Specification. Recommended land patterns shall be given in Detail Specification. When the outline drawing is other than described above, the Detail Specification shall state such dimensional information as will adequately describe the surface mount potentiometer. 1.4.2 Mounting The Detail Specification shall give guidance on methods of mounting for normal use. Mounting for test and measurement purposes (when required) shall be in accordance with the following Subclauses 1 , unless otherwise specified . Surface mount potentiometers shall be mounted on a suitable substrate; the method of mounting will depend on the potentiometer
1 .4.3 Style (See 2.2.3 of IEC 60393-1 ) The style shall be presented by a double letter code for example AB, which is arbitrarily chosen for each Detail Specification. The style designation therefore has no meaning unless the number of the Detail Specification is also given. 1 .4.4 Resistance law The resistance law is generally not verified. If required, the Detail Specification shall prescribe the measuring points and the associated limits for the output ratio and shall specify the position of the corresponding tests in the test schedules. 1 .4.5 Ratings and characteristics The ratings and characteristics shall be in accordance with the relevant Clauses of this Sectional Specification together with the following: 1 .4.5.1 Rated resistance range See 2.2.1 . The preferred values are those of the E-series of IEC 60063 and/or the 1 , 2, 5 series. NOTE When products approved to the Detail Specification have different ranges, the following statement should be added: “The range of values available in each style is given in the register of approvals”. Bump and shock The bump and shock tests are considered to be alternatives. The Detail Specification shall indicate which test has been selected.

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