BS ISO IEC 17839-2014 pdf – Information technology — Biometric System-on-Card Part 1 : Core requirements

BS ISO IEC 17839-2014 pdf – Information technology — Biometric System-on-Card Part 1 : Core requirements

BS ISO IEC 17839-2014 pdf – Information technology — Biometric System-on-Card Part 1 : Core requirements.
1 Scope This part of ISO/IEC 17839 establishes — functional architecture of a Biometric System-on-Card — definition of type S1 (fully ISO/IEC 7810 compliant) and type S2 implementation of a Biometric System-on-Card — sensor types in a Biometric System-on-Card — minimum requirements to a Biometric System-on-Card with respect to — discriminative power (i.e. biometric accuracy criteria) — interfaces — power supply options The following aspects are out of scope of this International Standard: — off-card biometric comparison, storage-on-card — work-load sharing implementations — detailed specification and configuration of individual components This part of ISO/IEC 17839 provides a functional architectural description of a Biometric System-on- Card and describes how the interfaces are mapped using existing commands and data structures from other International Standards. 2 Normative references The following documents, in whole or in part, are normatively referenced in this document and are indispensable for its application. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies. ISO/IEC 2382-37, Information technology — Vocabulary — Part 37: Biometrics ISO/IEC 7810, Identification cards — Physical characteristics ISO/IEC 7816-1, Identification cards — Integrated circuit cards — Part 1: Cards with contacts — Physical characteristics ISO/IEC 7816-3, Identification cards — Integrated circuit cards — Part 3: Cards with contacts — Electrical interface and transmission protocols ISO/IEC 7816-12, Identification cards — Integrated circuit cards — Part 12: Cards with contacts — USB electrical interface and operating procedures ISO/IEC 14443, Identification cards — Contactless integrated circuit cards — Proximity cards
ISO/IEC 15693, Identification cards — Contactless integrated circuit cards — Vicinity cards ISO/IEC 24787, Information technology — Identification cards — On-card biometric comparison 3? Terms? and? definitions For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO/IEC 2382-37 and the following apply. 3.1 biometric system-on-card card size device including biometric acquisition, data processing, storage, comparison and decision to compose a complete biometric verification system Note 1 to entry: Within the scope of this International Standard, system-on-card (SoC) and Biometric System-on- Card (BSoC) are used interchangeably. Note 2 to entry: Biometric System-on-Card (BSoC) is an architecture introduced in ISO/IEC 24787. 3.2 storage-on-card system architecture where biometric reference data is stored in an ICC and compared outside of the ICC used as a portable data carrier 3.3 on-approach starting the biometric system-on-card comparison by means of an action (button or automatic sensor acquisition) with autonomous power supply before the Biometric System-on-Card gets in range of a contactless field of the target application interfacing device
NOTE The following explanations hold for Figure 1: Comparison: Algorithmic process to assess the similarity of characteristic features extracted from a current biometric sample with biometric reference data stored in the card – typically resulting in a score. Decision: Applying the parameters, thresholds and security policy to decide on acceptance or rejection of the biometric system-on-card comparison. Authorization: Taking appropriate measures based on the outcome of the Decision, which may include changing the security status of the ICC. 5.2 Type S1 Biometric System-on-Card This International Standard defines two different types of system-on-card: Type S1 and Type S2. The Type S1 Biometric System-on-Card implements the entities listed in 6.1 while conforming to ISO/IEC 7810 and ISO/IEC 7816-1. The card particularly satisfies the following constraints: — Dimensions (thickness, width and height) in accordance with the ID-1 format as specified in ISO/IEC 7810 — Card withstands all torsion and bending tests specified in ISO/IEC 7816-1. — Interface type may be any of the following: — Contact interface as specified in ISO/IEC 7816-3 — USB interface as specified in ISO/IEC 7816-12 — Contactless interface as specified in ISO/IEC 14443 5.3 Type S2 Biometric System-on-Card The type S2 Biometric System-on-Card supports only contactless interface specified in ISO/IEC 14443. It intentionally deviates from some of the requirements demanded by ISO/IEC 7816-1 with the following replacement: — The card thickness is larger than the one defined in ISO/IEC 7810. The exact definition is provided in ISO/IEC 17839-2.

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