ASME Y14.34-2008 pdf download

ASME Y14.34-2008 pdf download

ASME Y14.34-2008 pdf download.Associated Lists Engineering Drawing and Related Documentation Practices.
3.7 Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code commercial and government entity (CAGE) code: a five- character code that provides a unique activity identifier used by the government for activity identification. This method of activity identification has also been widely adopted by industry. Refer to Cataloging Handbook H4/H8 (see ASME Y14.100). 3.8 Data List (DL) data list (DL): a tabulation of all engineering drawings, associated lists, specifications, standards, and subordi- nate data lists pertaining to the item(s) to which the data list applies, and essential in-house documents nec- essary to meet the technical design disclosure require- ments, except for those in-house documents referenced parenthetically (see Figs. 10A and 10B). 3.9 Design Activity design activity: an organization that has, or has had, responsibility for the design of an item (see ASME Y14.100). 3.9.1 Current Design Activity current design activity: the design activity currently responsible for the design of an item. This may be the original design activity or a design activity to which the design responsibility has been transferred (see ASME Y14.100). 3.9.2 Original Design Activity original design activity: the design activity originally responsible for the design and identification of an item, whose drawing number and activity identification is shown in the title block of the drawings and associated documents (see ASME Y14.100). 3.10 Design Activity Identification (DAI) design activity identification (DAI): the application of a unique identifierthatdistinguishes anactivityororgani- zation from another activity or organization. Examples of activity identification include activity name, activity name and address, or CAGE code (see ASME Y14.100).
3.12 Document document: a term applicable to the specifications, draw- ings, lists, standards, pamphlets, reports, and printed, typewritten, or otherwise created information relating to the design, procurement, manufacture, testing, or acceptance inspection of items or services (see ASME Y14.100). 3.13 Drawing drawing: an engineering document or digital file(s) that discloses, directly or by reference, the physical or func- tional requirements of an item by means of graphic or textual presentations, or by combinations of both (see ASME Y14.100). 3.14 Engineering Data engineering data: engineering documents such as draw- ings, associated lists, accompanying documents, specifi- cations, standards, or other information prepared or used by a design activity and relating to the design, manufacture, procurement, testing, or inspection of items (see ASME Y14.100). 3.15 Find Number or Item Number find number or item number: a reference number assigned to designate an item on the field of the drawing, in lieu of using the item’s part or identifying number. It is entered as a cross-reference to the line of the parts list where the item’s actual part or identifying number and description are given. NOTE: Reference designations for electrical and electronic parts and equipment, in accordance with ASME Y14.44, may be used as find numbers or item numbers. 3.16 Flag Note flag note: a note whose text is prefixed by a note identifi- cation enclosed within a symbol (flag). The note is cross- referenced to a specific area on a drawing or associated list by entering the flag at the point of application.
4.3 Sheet Numbering The sheets of a multisheet list shall initially be num- bered consecutively with whole Arabic numbers. The total quantity of sheets shall be entered on the cover sheet, firstsheet, or the lastsheet. In lieu oftotal quantity of sheets, a statement such as “END OF LIST” may be added on the last sheet. The total quantity of sheets shall be the actual sheet count. 4.4 Cover Sheets When a separate list is prepared and a cover sheet is used, it shall include the mandatory information shown in Fig. 1; other information may also be included. 4.5 Revisions Revisions shall be prepared in accordance with ASME Y14.35M and as detailed in paras. 4.5.1 through 4.5.3. 4.5.1 New items may be added at the end of a list or inserted in the list. 4.5.2 In lieu of a REVISION DATE and REV AUTHORIZATION NO block, lists may include a REVISION HISTORY block. 4.5.3 Items that are relocated due to additions or deletions are not considered revised.

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