ASME QAI-1−2010 pdf download

ASME QAI-1−2010 pdf download

ASME QAI-1−2010 pdf download.Qualifications for Authorized Inspection.
1-1.2.1 Provide Supervisors and Inspectors to par- ticipate in the ASME surveys of Certificate Holders for which they provide Authorized Nuclear Inspection. (a) Ensure the Inspector’s diary is made available for ASME surveys and investigations. The purpose of the diary is to provide a record of the Inspector’s activities and to support the continuity of inspections. 1-1.2.2 Provide qualified Authorized Nuclear Inspectors to monitor construction 5 in accordance with the ASME Code Section III, Division 1 or 3, or both. 1-1.2.3 Maintain qualified Supervisors to monitor the performance of the Authorized Nuclear Inspectors and to audit the activities at nuclear shops and field sites for which inspection agreements have been made, in accordance with the requirements of 1-2.2.6. 1-1.2.4 Give written notice to all Inspectors of the name, office address, email address, office phone, and mobile phone of their respective Supervisors annually or whenever there is a change in the above contact infor- mation. 1-1.2.5 Assure proper executionofresponsibilities. In particular, the Agency shall (a) establish and implement an internal program which shall provide assurance that those of its employ- ees holding the positions of Supervisor and Authorized Nuclear Inspector perform work in accordance with the requirements of Part 1. This program shall be docu- mented by written policies, procedures, or instructions and shall be carried out throughout the life term of any agreement covering inspections required by the ASME Code, in accordance with the program. The program shall provide for indoctrination and training of person- nel performing such activities, as necessary, to ensure that suitable proficiency is achieved and maintained. (b) provide instructions in writing to Authorized Nuclear Inspectors and their Supervisors, specifying their respective duties and responsibilities.
1-1.2.6 Provide certification for each Authorized Nuclear Inspector and Supervisor to be performing work under the provisions of the ASME Code Section III, Division 1 or 3, or both, to ensure that the Inspectors and Supervisors meet the required experience and train- ing requirements ofPart 1. Certification and documenta- tion of qualifications shall be retained by the employer and shall be made available for review by the jurisdic- tional Authorities and the ASME Survey Team, upon request. 1-1.2.7 Submit to the National Board an applica- tion for an “N” endorsement for the Authorized Nuclear Inspector applicant, certifying that he has the required experience and training and that qualified supervision will be provided to ensure that the Authorized Nuclear Inspector satisfactorily fulfills his functions. 1-1.2.8 Submit to the National Board an applica- tion for an “NS” endorsement for the Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisor applicant, certifying that the Supervisor has the required experience and training. 1-1.2.9 Verify to the National Board that the audits required by 1-2.2.6 have been carried out. 1-1.2.10 Notify the ASME Conformity Assessment Department when entering into an agreement or when- ever an existing agreement is terminated with an ASME Certificate Holder or Owner. Inaddition, the enforcementauthorityshallbe notified whenever an agreement with an Owner is written or an Owner’s agreement is terminated. 1-1.3 AIA Quality Program 1-1.3.1 A documented Quality Program shall be established, implemented, and maintained by the Authorized InspectionAgency (AIA) in accordance with the requirements of this Standard. The AIA Quality Pro- gram shall identify the activities to which it applies and shall provide for the planning, control, and accomplish- ment of activities affecting the quality of the Authorized InspectionAgency’s implementationofduties and activ- ities as described in applicable Parts of this Standard.
1-2.1 Qualifications The Supervisor shall be selected and designated as such by his employer. He shall have qualified as an Authorized Nuclear Inspector and shall have the addi- tional qualifications specified in 1-2.1.1 through 1-2.1.5. 1-2.1.1 The Supervisor shall have passed anexami- nation developed, promulgated, and administered by the National Board and received an “NS” endorsement from the National Board. Such examinations shall encompass sufficient means ofdetermination of the can- didate’s ability to ascertainthe validityand quality ofthe nondestructive examination and other quality assurance requirements of Section III, Divisions 1, 2, and 3, and Section XI of the ASME Code. 1-2.1.2 The Supervisor shall have knowledge of the basic fundamentals of health physics, insofar as per- missible exposure to radiation is concerned. 1-2.1.3 To be considered for certification a candi- date shall satisfy one of the following requirements: (a) graduate of a 4-yr accredited engineering or sci- ence college or university, plus 5 yr of experience in quality assurance, including testing or inspection (or both) of equivalent manufacturing, construction, or installation activities. At least 2 yr of this experience should be associated with nuclear facilities; or if not, the individual shall have training sufficient to acquaint him thoroughly with the safety aspects of a nuclear facility.

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