ASME PTB-1-2009 pdf download

ASME PTB-1-2009 pdf download

ASME PTB-1-2009 pdf download.ASME Section VIII – Division 2 Criteria and Commentary.
1.1.2 Organization The requirements of VIII-2, are contained in the nine Parts listed below. Each of these Parts and related Annexes is composed of paragraphs that are identified by an alphanumeric numbering system in accordance with the ISO Standard Template for the Preparation of Normative-Type Documents. References to paragraphs are made directly by reference to the paragraph number. For example, the Scope is referenced as paragraph 1.2. a) Part 1 – General Requirements: provides the scope of VIII-2 and establishes the extent of coverage. b) Part 2 – Responsibilities and Duties: sets forth the responsibilities of the user and Manufacturer, and the duties of the Inspector. c) Part 3 – Material Requirements: provides the permissible materials of construction, applicable material specifications, and special requirements, physical properties, allowable stresses, and design fatigue curves. d) Part 4 – Design By Rule Requirements: provides requirements for design of vessels and components using rules. e) Part 5 – Design By Analysis Requirements: provides requirements for design of vessels and components using analytical methods. f) Part 6 – Fabrication Requirements: provides requirements governing the fabrication of vessels and parts of vessels. g) Part 7 – Examination and Inspection Requirements: provides requirements governing the examination and inspection of vessels and parts of vessels. h) Part 8 – Pressure Testing Requirements: provides pressure testing requirements for fabricated vessels. i) Part 9 – Pressure Vessel Overpressure Protection: provides rules for pressure relief devices.
Mandatory and non-mandatory requirements are provided as normative and informative annexes, respectively, to the specific Part under consideration. The Normative Annexes address specific subjects not covered elsewhere in this Division and their requirements are mandatory when the subject covered is included in construction under this Division. The Informative Annexes provide information and suggested good practices. Unlike all of the other ASME BPV Standards, VIII-2 was published in single column format, which facilitates use of the standard in electronic form. A detailed Table of Contents precedes each Part, and each Part is numbered independently of each other. 1.1.3 Definitions The definitions for the terminology are provided in Part 1, Annex 1.B. 1.2 Scope 1.2.1 Overview Part 1, paragraph 1.2 defines the scope of coverage for VIII-2. The term scope refers to both the type of pressure equipment being considered in the development of these rules, as well as the geometric scope of the vessel that is stamped as meeting VIII-2. In accordance with Part 1, paragraph, pressure vessels are defined as containers for the containment of pressure, internal or external. This pressure may be obtained from any external source, or by the application of heat from a direct or indirect source, as a result of a process, or any combination thereof. The manner in which the scope of the standard is described follows very closely to the introduction section of VIII-1. In the following paragraphs, a discussion of requirements is provided only where a significant difference exists between VIII-2 and the scope definition from VIII-1, or where a major change was made from Old VIII-2.
With regard to pressure vessels installed in non-stationary applications, Part 1, paragraph now permits stamping of VIII-2 vessels installed on motor vehicles and railway cars. This particular application was prohibited in the Old VIII-2. Construction and stamping of VIII-2 vessels in non- stationary applications requires a prior written agreement with the local jurisdictional authority covering operation and maintenance control for a specific service. This operation and maintenance control must be retained during the useful life of the pressure vessel by the user in conformance with the Users Design Specification. Part 1, paragraph defines pressure vessels in which steam is generated but which are not classified as Unfired Steam Boilers that require construction in accordance with the rules of Section I or VIII-1. A third category for a vessel that generates steam that may be constructed to VIII-2 was added: vessels in which steam is generated but not withdrawn for external use.

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