ASME B47.1-2007 pdf download

ASME B47.1-2007 pdf download

ASME B47.1-2007 pdf download.Gage Blanks.
1 SCOPE This Standard covers standard designs for the following: (a) plain and thread plug gage blanks to 12.010 in. maximum gaging diameter (b) plain and thread ring gage blanks to 12.260 in. maximum gaging diameter (c) involute and serrated spline plug and ring gage blanks to 8.000 in. major diameter (d) straight-sided spline plug and ring gage blanks to major diameters of 8.000 in. for plugs and 6.000 in. for rings (e) machine taper plug and ring gage blanks to 5.000 in. gaging diameter (f) adjustable snap gages to 12 in. (g) adjustable length gages to any desired length (h) master disks up to 8.010 in. in diameter Recommended general designs covering taper plug and ring gages for special applications, flush-pin gages, and flat plug gages are also included. This Standard is intended to deal onlywiththe dimen- sions of blanks, frames, and fittings. However, it is expected that gages made from these blanks shall be finished in accordance with accepted good gage making practice with respect to accuracy and workmanship. NOTES: (1) While complianceto the revisedspecifications inthis document is urged as soon as possible, the use of blanks and designs in ASME/ANSl B47.1-1988 is permissible for a period of 5 years from approval date of this document. (2) Types ofsteelorothermaterial forgage blanks and components are not standardized in this document. The type of material and hardness should be agreed upon by producer and user of the gages. (3) Certain tables in this document show both nominal thread ranges as well as decimal ranges. In such cases, the decimal range establishes the official dividing line from one blank or handle size to the next. (4) The following designates correct blank size to use: (a) thread plugs — go actual major (b) plain plugs — no go major (c} thread rings — go actual major (d) plain rings — go gage/dimensions
adjusting screw: a threaded member employed for adjusting, to any predetermined setting, the gaging pins or gaging buttons of an adjustable snap, plug, or length gage. adjusting slots: radial slots provided in thread ring gages in order to facilitate expansion and contraction of gage size by means of the adjusting device. An adjusting slot always terminates in an adjusting slot terminal hole. American GageDesign Standard: designatesgages madeto the design specifications promulgated by the American Gage Design Committee. anvil: designates the gaging member of a gage when constructed as a fixed nonadjustable block, or as the integral jaw of the gage. disk, marking: a plate that can be attached to a gage frame to provide, when suitably marked, a means of identification for the gage. disk, master: a cylinder provided with insulating grips, used for setting comparators, snap gages, etc. drift hole (also known as drift slot): a small hole or slot provided in the side of a taper lock gage handle near the GO end, through which a pin or driftmay be inserted for the purpose of ejecting the gaging member from the handle. flange: external portion of a large ring gage that is reduced in sections for the purpose of lightening the gage. frame of a snap gage: the body portion of the gage as distinct from the gaging pins, gaging buttons, anvils, and adjusting or locking mechanism. gage, adjustable length: a complete external caliper gage employed for the size control of relatively large external dimensions, comprising length gage spacing tubes and length gage heads.
gage, flush pin: a gage for checking the distance between two surfaces, comprising a body having a through hole, and a pin in the hole that projects from a face of the body a distance equal to the dimension to be gaged when the opposite or indicating end of the pin is flush with the opposite face of the body. The indicating end of the pin or the adjacent face of the body has a step of a depth equal to the tolerance of the dimension gaged. gage, involute spline: a gage having on its gaging circum- ference a number of involute shaped teeth that corre- spond in contour, number, diameter, and spacing with the product specification. gage, plain adjustable snap: a complete external caliper gage employed for the size control of plain external dimensions, comprising an open frame in both jaws of which gaging members are provided, one or more pairs of which can be set and locked to any predetermined size within the range of the gage. gage, plain cylindrical plug: a complete internal gage of a single- or double-ended type for the size control of holes and other applications. It consists of a handle and a gaging member or members, with suitable locking means. gage, plain ring: an external gage of circular form employed for the size control of external diameters. In the smaller sizes itmay consistofa gage body into which is pressed a bushing, the latter being accurately finished to size for gaging purposes. gage, plain solid snap: a complete external caliper gage employed for the size control of plain external dimen- sions, comprising an open frame and jaws, the latter carrying gaging members in the form of fixed, parallel, nonadjustable anvils. gage, progressive cylindrical plug: a complete internal gage consisting of a handle and a gaging member in which the GO and NOT GO gaging sections are combined in a single unit secured to one end of the handle.

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