ASME B18.18.7M-2008 pdf download

ASME B18.18.7M-2008 pdf download

ASME B18.18.7M-2008 pdf download.Qaliy Asurance Plan for Fasteners Produced in a Customer Approved Control Plan .
1 CUSTOMER APPROVED CONTROL PL ANS 1.1 Scope This plan is based on the concept that a written control plan outlining the fastener manufacturing process and identification of its control points will provide an orderly procedure for controlling and minimizing pro- cess and product variation. Factors usually considered when developing a control plan include past history, machine capacity and capability, new or special cus- tormer requirement(s), and a PFMEA (potential failure mode and effects analysis). Typically the control plan identifies actions al each phase of the manufacturing process including receiving, in-process manufacturing, and out-going operations. Continuing versus periodic requirements are identified and strategies are provided for continued updating and improvement. 1.2 Written Agreement The control plan shall defne the respective control elements including the characteristics andor process parameters to be verified and frequency of verification and shall be agreed to in writing between manufacturer and purchaser. 1.3 Process Control Plan Variations in control stratcgics and process charting/ controls s are common, based on methods used and variables monitored. Variations are based on given machinery, plant layout, sensing devices, plant and product mix. An actual plan may have significant variations depending upon manufacturer and purchaser agreement. A basic plan outine is shown in Fig. 1.
1.5 Lot Controls 1.5.1 Raw material shall be supplied to the manufac- turer traceable to a mill heat of material. 1.5.2 Subcontracted processes including plating and heat treating shall be controlled to avoid product lot contamination. 1.5.3 Finished lots shall be traceable to raw material supplier and subcontracted processes. 1.6 Plan of Inspection The manufacturer shall have a document to indicate all points within the manufacturing process where fas- tener sampling and inspection is carried out including frequency and sample sizes. 1.7 Records of Inspection/Compliance Records of inspection/compliance shall include writ- ten records of evaluation of preproduction parts. All other records will also include those of in-process controls. Evidence of these records and the written control plan agreement shall be deemed compliance to this Standard. Records shall be retained for a minimum of 5 years. 1.8 Control Plan Audit The control plan shall include a provision for an audit program, including frequency, to verify continuing conformance to the approved written control plan. 1.9 Process Revision or Change No significant changes which impact the finished product may be made in the process without written customer approval.
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