ASME B16.9-2007 pdf download

ASME B16.9-2007 pdf download

ASME B16.9-2007 pdf download.Factory-Made Wrought Buttwelding Fittings.
1 SCOPE 1.1 General This Standard covers overall dimensions, tolerances, ratings, testing, and markings for factory-made wrought buttwelding fittings in sizes NPS 1 ⁄ 2 through NPS 48 (DN 15 through DN 1200). 1.2 Special Fittings Fittings may be made to special dimensions, sizes, shapes, and tolerances by agreement between the manu- facturer and the purchaser. 1.3 Fabricated Fittings Fabricated laterals and other fittings employing cir- cumferential or intersection welds are considered pipe fabrication and are not within the scope ofthis Standard. Fabricated lap joint stub ends are exempt from the above restrictions, provided they meet all the require- ments of the applicable ASTM material specification listed in section 5. 1.4 Standard Units The values stated in either metric or U.S. Customary units are to be regarded separately as standard. Within the text, the U.S. Customary units are shown in paren- theses. The values stated in each system are not exact equivalents; therefore, each system must be used inde- pendently of the other. Combining values from the two systems may result in nonconformance with this Standard. The designation for size is NPS for both metric- and customary-dimensioned fittings. Fitting pressure rating is associated with the connecting wall thickness of pipe of equivalent size and material. 1.5 References 1.5.1 Referenced Standards. Standards and specifi- cations adopted by reference in this Standard are shown in Mandatory Appendix II. It is not considered practical to identify the specific edition of each standard and specification in the individual references. Instead, the specific edition reference is identified in Mandatory Appendix II. A product made in conformance with a prior edition of referenced standards and in all other respects conforming to this Standard will be considered to be in conformance.
1.5.2 Codes and Regulations. A fitting used under the jurisdiction of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, the ASME Code for Pressure Piping, or a govern- mental regulation is subjectto any limitation ofthatcode or regulation. This includes any maximum temperature limitation, or rule governing the use of a material at low temperature. 1.6 Service Conditions Criteria for selection of fitting types and materials suitable for particular fluid service are not within the scope of this Standard. 1.7 Welding Installation welding requirements are outside the scope of this Standard. 1.8 Quality Systems Nonmandatory requirements relating to the fitting manufacturer’s Quality System Program are described in Nonmandatory Appendix A. 1.9 Convention For the purpose of determining conformance with this Standard, the convention for fixing significant digits where limits (maximum or minimum values) are speci- fied shall be rounded off as defined in ASTM E 29. This requires that an observed or calculated value shall be rounded off to the nearest unit in the last right- hand digit used in expressing the limit. Decimal values and tolerances do not imply a particular method of measurement. 1.10 Pressure Rating Designation Class, followed by a dimensionless number, is the designationforpressure–temperature ratings. Standard- ized designations for flanges per ASME B16.5 referenced in this Standard are Classes 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500, and 2500.
4.2 Exceptions Where the size of the fitting does not permit complete marking, the identification marks may be omitted in reverse of the order presented above. 4.3 Depth of Stamping Where steel stamps are used, care shall be taken so that the marking is not deep enough or sharp enough to cause cracks or to reduce the wall thickness of the fitting below the minimum allowed. 4.4 Compliance 4.4.1 Standard Fittings. That the fitting was manu- factured in conformance with this Standard, including all dimensional requirements, is certified by a prefix “WP” in the material grade designation marking. 4.4.2 SpecialFittings. That the fitting was manufac- tured in conformance with this Standard, except that dimensional requirements are as agreed between the purchaser and the manufacturer, is certified by a supple- mentary suffix to the material grade designation mark- ing as follows: (a) “S58” of ASTM A 960 applies for fittings in accor- dance with ASTM A 234, A 403, and A 420. (b) “S8” applies for fittings in accordance with ASTM A 815. (c) “SPLD” applies for fittings in accordance with ASTM B 361, B 363, and B 366. 5 MATERIAL Wrought fittings covered by this Standard shall be in accordance with ASTM A 234, A 403, A 420, A 815, B 361, B 363, B 366, or the corresponding standard listed in Section II of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. The term wrought denotes fittings made of pipe, tubing, plate, or forgings. Fittings made from block forg- ings may only be supplied subject to agreement between the manufacturer and purchaser. Such fittings need not meet the requirements of section 7.

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