ASME B16.11-2009 pdf download

ASME B16.11-2009 pdf download

ASME B16.11-2009 pdf download.Forged Fittings, Socket-Welding and Threaded.
2.1.2 Nonstandard Pipe Wall Thickness. Since ASME B36.10M does not include Schedule 160 nor Double Extra Strong thickness for NPS 1 ⁄ 8 , 1 ⁄ 4 , and 3 ⁄ 8 , the values in Table 8 shall be used as the nominal wall thicknesses of the pipe for rating purposes. 2.1.3 Combination End Fittings. The Class designa- tion for fittings made with combinations of socket- welding and threaded ends shall be based on the end configuration that has the lowest rating from Table 7. 2.2 Pressure Test Capability Pressure testing is not required by this Standard, but the fittings shall be capable of withstanding a hydro- static test pressure required by the applicable piping code for seamless pipe of material equivalent to the fitting forging and of the schedule or wall thickness correlated with the fitting Class and end connection of Table 7.
4 MARKING 4.1 General Each fitting shall be permanently marked with the required identificationbyraised letteringand/orstamp- ing, electro-etching, or vibro-tool marking on the collar portion, raised pad, or raised boss portion ofthe forging. Cylindrical fittings shall be marked on the O.D. or end of the fitting in a location such that the marking will not be obliterated as a result of welding installation. The marking of bushings and plugs is not required by this Standard. 4.1.1 Specific Marking. The marking shall include (but is not limited to) the following: (a) Manufacturer’s Name or Trademark (b) Material Identification. Material shall be identified in accordance with the marking requirements of either the appropriate ASTM Fitting or ASTM Forging Specifications (see para. 5.1). (c) Product Conformance. Fittings covered under para. 1.1.1 shall be marked with either the ASTM Fittings Specification material identification (e.g., “WP______”) or the symbol “B16” to denote conformance to this Stan- dard. Fittings covered under para. 1.1.2 shall be marked with a supplementary suffix as follows: (1) For ASTM A 234, A 403, A 420, and A 815, suffix the material grade with S58 (see ASTM A 960 Supplementary Requirement S58). (2) For ASTM Fitting Specifications B 366, suffix the material grade with SPLD. (3) For all ASTM Forging Specifications, suffix B16 with SPLD. (d) Class Designation. 2000, 3000, 6000, or 9000, as applicable. Alternatively, the designation 2M, 3M, 6M, or 9M, as applicable, may be used where M stands for 1000.
4.1.2 Omission of Markings. Where size and shape of fittings do not permit all of the above markings, they may be omitted in the reverse order given above. 5 MATERIAL 5.1 Standard Materials Fittings shall be made of materials consisting of forg- ings, bar, seamless pipe, or seamless tubular products. These materials shall conform to the requirements for the WP seamless construction materials ofASTM Fitting Specifications A 234, A 403, A 420, A 815, or B 366 or ASTM Forging Specifications A 105, A 182, A 350, B 462, or B 564. Tees, elbows, and crosses shall not be made from bar stock. 6 DIMENSIONS 6.1 General Unless otherwise noted, the dimensions withouttoler- ances for socket-welding fittings given in Tables 1 and I-1 and the dimensions without tolerances for threaded fittings given in Tables 2 through 5 and Tables I-2 through I-5 are nominal values and subject to the desig- nated manufacturing tolerances. 6.2 Socket Fittings 6.2.1 BodyWall Thickness. The body wall thickness of socket-welding fittings shall be equal to or greater than the values, G, shown in Tables 1 and I-1. 6.2.2 Socket Wall Thickness. The socket wall aver- age thickness and minimum thickness shall be no less than the corresponding values, C, shown in Tables 1 and I-1. 6.2.3 Socket Position. The fixed position for the bottom of the socket with reference to the centerline of the socket-welding fitting shall be maintained as required by the dimensions, A, of Tables 1 and I-1. For reducing fittings, see para. 6.5. 6.2.4 Socket Depth. The socket depth shall be no less than the minimum values, J, shown in Tables 1 and I-1.

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