ASME ASP-2010 pdf download

ASME ASP-2010 pdf download

ASME ASP-2010 pdf download.Safety Standard for Automotive Service and Maintenance Products.
functional damage: any detrimental, permanent deforma- tion of the ASMP’s structure that results in the loss of sealing capability to its hydraulic or pneumatic compo- nents or both; loss ofmotion; or failure to meet or exceed the design qualification limits established in sections 3-4, 4-4, 5-4, 6-4, and 7-4. guard: see definition in para. 3-1.4. hydraulic power source: a device that utilizes hydraulics as the force- or delivery-transmitting medium. internal load-limitingdevice: a device thatlimits the output force of the ASMP. listed: refers to a product that has been tested, found compliant, and approved to a specific standard, and can be supported by the appropriate documentation confirming such. load: the total superimposed force to be overcome by the ASMP. manufacturer: a company that produces goods for sale. mobile: describes an ASMP that is readily movable from one work area to another. OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the arm of the U.S. government that establishes rules and regulations for workplace safety. overload: a force or volume that exceeds the rated capac- ity of the ASMP. pneumatic power source: a device that utilizes compressed air as the force- or delivery-transmitting medium. portable: not permanently fixed in one location and able to be moved from one work area to another. proofload: a force greater than the rated capacity, applied centrally to a work surface as defined by the ASMP’s loading apparatus to confirm the integrity of the structure. qualified personnel: individuals with characteristics or abilities gained through training or experience or both, as measured againstestablished requirements orcriteria, such as standards or tests that enable them to perform a required function or service.
1-5 REFERENCES The following is a list of standards and specifications referenced in this Standard: ANSI B11.2, Hydraulic Power Presses ANSI B15.1, Safety Standard for Mechanical Power Transmission Apparatus Publisher: Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), 7901 Westpark Drive, McLean, VA 22102-4206 (www.amtonline.org) ANSI Z87.1, Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices Publisher: American Society ofSafety Engineers (ASSE), 1800 East Oakton Street, Des Plaines, IL 60018 (www.asse.org) ANSI Z535, Color Chart ANSI Z535.1, Safety Colors ANSI Z535.2, Environmental and Facility Safety Signs ANSI Z535.3, Criteria for Safety Symbols ANSI Z535.4, Product Safety Signs and Labels ANSI Z535.5, Safety Tags and Barricade Tapes (for Temporary Hazards) ANSI Z535.6, Product Safety Information in Product Manuals, Instructions, and Other Collateral Materials Publisher: National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), 1300 North 17th Street, Suite 1752, Rosslyn, VA 22209 (www.nema.org) ISO/IEC Guide 22, General Criteria for Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity Publisher: International Organization for Standardization (ISO), 1, ch. de la Voie-Creuse, Case postale 56, CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland (www.iso.org)
2-1 PRODUCT MARKING AND INDENTIFICATION 2-1.1 Rated Capacity All ASMPs shall have the rated capacity marked in a prominent location on the ASMP by casting imprint, metal stamp, or use ofdurable materials and attachment methods. These rated capacities should be stated as required based upon the nature of the ASMP. 2-1.2 Identification Each ASMP shall include identification or identifying marks of the original manufacturer or supplier by cast- ing imprint, metal stamp, or use of durable materials and attachment methods. The manufacturer or supplier shall be able to identify the date of manufacture of each ASMP. 2-1.3 Safety Markings Each ASMP shall include safety signs, labels, or both developed by the manufacturer or supplier. The signs or labels shall be affixed by use of durable materials and attachment methods to each ASMP in a location visible to the operator. The ANSI Z535 series of stan- dards containing guidelines for product safety signs shall be followed. Examples of safety markings for specific types of ASMPs are listed in paras. 3-3.1, 4-3.1, 5-3.1, 6-3.1, and 7-3.1 of this Standard. 2-2 PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS AND SAFETY MESSAGES 2-2.1 Product Manuals and Instructions Each ASMP shall be provided with an owner’s manual or operator’s instructions. The instructions shall specify the proper operating procedures and basic function of the components. The instructions shall specify the rec- ommended replacementfluids and the maintenance and inspection procedures and intervals, as applicable. For- mats shall follow the ANSI Z535 series of standards containing guidelines for instructions and manuals. Copy conveying the intent of section 2-3 shall be included with the instructions. Consideration should be given to multilanguage literature and decals.

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