ASME A112.3.1-2007 pdf download

ASME A112.3.1-2007 pdf download

ASME A112.3.1-2007 pdf download.Stainless Steel Drainage Systems for Sanitary DWV, Storm, and Vacuum Applications, Above- and Below-Ground.
1 GENERAL 1.1 Scope This Standard establishes material, dimensions, mechanical, and physical (including marking) require- ments for socket-type, seam-welded, stainless steel pipe, fittings, joints, and drains for use in plumbing sanitary and storm, drain, waste, and vent (DWV), and vacuum systems. It includes minimum requirements for work- manship, dimensions, weld strength, pressure testing, and marking that incorporates a push-fit joining method. NOTE: Material suitability for specific chemical applications shall be determined by a qualified engineer or ascertained from the manufacturer. 1.2 Units of Measurement Values are stated in the International System of units (SI) and in U.S. Customary (Inch) units. The SI units shall be considered as the standard. 1.3 Reference Standards The following is a list of publications referenced in this Standard. The latest edition shall apply. ASME B1.20.1, Pipe Threads, General Purpose (Inch) ASME B16.5, Pipe Flanges and Flange Fittings Publisher: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Three Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016-5990; ASME Order Department.: 22 Law Drive, P.O. Box 2300, Fairfield, NJ 07007-2300 ASTM D 412, Test Methods for Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Rubbers and Thermoplastic Elastomers — Tension ASTM D 471, TestMethods for Rubber Property—Effect of Liquids ASTM D 573, Test Method for Rubber Deterioration in an Air Oven ASTM D 624, Test Method for Tear Strength of Conventional Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers ASTM D 1149, Test Method for Rubber Deterioration — Surface Ozone Cracking in a Chamber ASTM D 2240, Test Method for Rubber Property — Durometer Hardness
ASTM E 8, Standard Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials ASTM E 10, Stand Test Method for Brinell Hardness of Metallic Materials ASTM E 527, Standard Practice for Numbering Metals and Alloys (UNS) Publisher: ASTM International (ASTM), 100 Barr Harbor Drive, P.O. Box C700, West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2959 (ISS) UNS S30400, Type 304 Stainless Steel (ISS) UNS S31603, Type 316L Stainless Steel Publisher: The Iron and Steel Society (ISS), 186 Thorn Hill Road, Warrendale, PA 15086-7528 1.4 Definitions adjustable floor drain: a floor drain designed for use in finished floor area, including showers, with an adjust- able strainer and a seepage flange on the body. anchor flange: a horizontal flange extending from the side of the drain body, which anchors the drain to a surface or subsurface. area drain: a manufactured receptacle designed to receive and convey runoff water or other liquid from the area immediately adjacent to the building structure to the drainage system. auxiliary inlet: a connection inside of a drain body sump, which receives discharge from another fixture, appli- ance, or drain. backwater valve: a device that is used to prevent backflow of waste or storm water from a building drainage piping system into the building. below-ground: direct burial of the drainage system under soil or concrete. clamping device: a device to secure a waterproof mem- brane. Where a metallic or composition flashing is attached, the clamping device shall be secured with a ring or collar to the drain. DWV: drain, waste, and vent. EPDM: ethylene propylene diene monomer. extension: a device used to raise a grate to floor level where necessary.
filter basket: a perforated device inserted in a drain body to minimize debris before it enters the drain line. floor cleanout: a pipe fitting with a cover, which permits access to a drain line from a finished floor level. floordrain: a manufactured receptacle designedtoreceive and convey drainage runoff from finished or unfinished floor areas, including showers. FPM: fluorine rubber. hinged grate: used where access to a drain is required without completely removing a secured grate. joint component: any gasket, collar, clamp, or other device used to connect pipe to pipe or pipe to fitting, in the form of a mechanical joint. mill certificate: a certificate certifying a specific quality. NBR: nitrile rubber. nominal: for identification only, not the measurement of size of pipe. open area: total area ofthe drainage openings in the grate. passivate: to treat or coat (a metal), in order to reduce the chemical reactivity of its surface. pickle: a chemical solution, such as an acid, that is used to remove scale and oxides from the surface(s) of metals. push-fit joint: a method of manually joining a spigot and socket. removable trap: a trap assembly that is made of Type 316L that shall be equipped with a removable water seal ele- ment to facilitate cleaning of the drain. secondary strainer: an additional strainer set in the base ofthe drain body sump thatminimizes debris thatmight pass through grate openings. sediment bucket: a device used to minimize debris before it enters the drain lines. socket: the female end of a piece of pipe, fitting or drain. spigot: the male end of a piece of pipe, fitting or drain. trap primer connection: a tapped boss on drain body used to receive discharge from a trap primer valve or other priming device. trench drain: a long, narrow, manufactured receptor designed to receive and convey to the drainage system, runoff water, or other liquids from the area immediately adjacent to the building structure.

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