ASME A112.19.8b-2009 pdf download

ASME A112.19.8b-2009 pdf download

ASME A112.19.8b-2009 pdf download.Addenda to ASME A112.19.8-2007 Suction Fittings for Use in Swimming Pools, Wading Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs.
individual suction system: a single suction system piping arrangement that connects one or more suction outlets to one or more pumps or gravity flow reservoirs. manufactured: when applied to fittings, fitting assem- blies, cover/grates, or related devices indicates the rou- tine commercial production of such item(s) for the purpose of providing suction outlet hardware for swim- ming pools, wading pools, spas, and hot tubs. multiple drain use only: indicating that the referenced suction outlet may not be used as the single sole source for water to a pump suction system. multiple outlets: outlets when applied to suction outlets shall mean two or more suction outlets connected to an individual suction system. operatingcomponent: anycomponentor partthatcanhave its functionality changed. pinch point: any location inside the assembled suction fitting where an aperture enlarges upstream and downstream. Q: flow rate in cubic feet per second (ft 3 /sec). registered design professional: an individual who is regis- tered or licensed to practice their respective design pro- fession as defined by the statutory requirements of the professional registration laws of the state or jurisdiction in which the project is to be constructed.
single drain use: indicating that the referenced suction outlet may be used as the single sole source for water to a pump suction system. single or multiple drain use: indicating that the referenced suction outlet may be used as either the single sole source for water to a pump suction system, or may be used in conjunction with additional suction outlets to a pump suction system. skin pad: skin-like cushion consisting of 1 ⁄ 4 in. (6.35 mm) thick Buna-N rubber, Shore A durometer 60 ± 5. suction outlet: a fitting, fitting assembly, cover/grate, and related components that provide a localized low pres- sure area for the transfer of water from a swimming pool, wading pool, spa, or hot tub. swim jet combination fitting: a fitting that combines suc- tion and discharge into one housing, creating a high velocity, high volume stream of water to swim, jog, or walk, as well as massage. torso specimen: an 18 in. ? 23 in. (457 mm ? 584 mm) rectangular form with 4 in. (102 mm) radiused corners representing the flat portion of the 99th percentile adult male body (Mandatory Appendix I). venturi outlets: venturi activated indirect-suction cover/grates or venturi activated debris collection systems. 2 FITTING DESIGN, ASSEMBLY, AND MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS 2.1 General Requirements 2.1.1 When fasteners are used, the suction fitting shall be designed so that tools are required for disassem- bly. Standard slotted screws shall not be permitted for affixing cover/grates to the suction fitting body. Fasten- ers shall have a corrosion resistance to the intended environment equivalent to grade 316 stainless steel as a minimum. Sumps intended to receive fasteners shall be designed for fifteen secure insertion, tightening, and removal cycles of the fasteners without stripping. The design shall inhibit inadvertent cross-threading. Sumps intended for use with self-tapping screws (those not having threaded inserts) shall be designed and constructed to accommodate redrilling for insertion of a threaded insert in a stripped hole to accept the original size fastener. If threaded inserts are used, they shall be chosen to preclude any corrosive or chemical reaction with screws provided for the sump by the manufacturer. Both self-tapping screws and machine screws with associated threaded inserts shall be permitted. The strength of the fastening system shall conform to the requirements of this Standard. 2.1.2 Suction fitting assemblies that connect directly to the circulation piping shall attach by a PVC end connection in accordance with ASTM D 2466, or by a threaded end connection in accordance with ASTM F 1498. 2.1.3 There shall be no accessible sharp edges to constitute a hazard with fullyassembled suctionfittings. 2.1.4 Suction fittings shall not protrude from the installed surface more than 2 in. (51 mm). 2.2 Fitting Exposure When polymeric material is used for the manufacture of suction fitting components they shall be tested as described in para. 3.2 and be rated for service life in accordance with para. 7.1.1(b)(5). 2.3 Specific Design Requirements 2.3.1 Field Fabricated Outlets. Field fabricated out- lets are intended as but not limited to a single suction outlet and are limited to 1.5 ft/sec (0.46 m/s) of flow through the open area of the cover/grate unless rated at a lower flow rate by the Registered Design Professional. They shall be of such a size that the 18 in. ? 23 in. (457 mm ? 584 mm) body blocking element will not cause a differential pressure that could cause body entrapment as defined below.

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