ASME A112.18.3-2002 pdf download

ASME A112.18.3-2002   pdf download

back siphonage: the flowing back of water from a plumb- ing fixture, vessel, or other source into the fitting as the result of a vacuum at the inlet of the fitting. bidet: a fixture and/or wall mounted fitting with transfer valves for vertical spray and rim flushing; a deck mounted fitting with hose connected outlets. certified: indicates that testing has been conducted by an approved independent testing agency in accordance with the applicable standard and found to be in full compliance with the standard. commercial fitting: a hose and spray assembly for food service, dispensers, and similar nonresidential applica- tions other than those where an air gap is maintained by design, such as spring-action goosenecks. critical level: level at which polluted water, entering through an outlet of the supply fitting, will flow back to the supply lines by gravity and/or any negative pres- sure in the supply line when the water control valve is fully open. cross connection: an actual or potential connection or arrangement between two or more separate piping sys- tems, one of which contains potable water and one of the others a source of questionable or unknown quality. The direction of flow will depend upon the pressure differential between the two systems. deck mounted and combination fitting: residential deck mounted fitting for tubs. It often includes a hand-held or personal shower. device: one of the constituent parts of a backflow preven- tion system which by itself provides a form of backflow protection. fill valve: a watersupply valve (also known as a ballcock), opened or closed by means of a float or similar device, used to supply water to a tank. fitting with side sprays: a kitchen deck mounted fitting with integral diverter and hose connected side spray. The primary outlet is protected with an air gap. fitting wih pull-out spout: a deck mounted fixture fitting with a primary removable spout that is connected to the body of the faucet through a flexible hose.
potable water: water which is suitable for drinking and free from impurities present in amounts which are suffi- cient to cause disease or harmful physiological effects. random sample: a sample taken in a manner which gives every item in the lot, or every portion of the lot for bulk materials, an equal probability of being selected as part of the sample. sample: the number ofspecimens selected from a produc- tion lot as representative of that lot. sampling scheme, multiple: a sampling method in which, after each sample is inspected, the decision is made to accept a lot, to rejectit, or to take another sample, the test resultofwhichshall be added to thatofthe previous one. shampoo fitting: a hose and spray assembly for attach- ment to a wall outlet or lavatory fitting. specimen: an individual component which combined with others makes up a required sample. upper confidence limit: the maximum probable percentage of individual safety devices subject to backflow in the field under those conditions defined in the life test. vacuum breaker: a device or means to prevent back siphonage by allowing air to enter a fitting. vent to air: a backflow prevention device which opens a fitting or part of a fitting to the atmosphere. 5 APPLICATION OF BACKFLOW PREVENTION DEVICES 5.1 Minimum Level of Protection Fixture fittings which are not protected against back- flow by an air gap in accordance with ASME A112.1.2 under all conditions of usage shall incorporate backflow protection by means described in paras. 6 through 16 or use a system or device in compliance with the following standards: ANSI/ASSE 1001, ANSI/ASSE 1011, ASSE 1012, ASSE 1013, ANSI/ASSE 1014, ASSE 1019, ASSE 1035, ASSE 1052, ASSE 1056, AWWA C511, CSA B64, or CSA B125 dependent on their application and code instalation requirements with no further testing to this Standard. 5.2 Application (a) Backflow prevention devices or systems not cov- ered by the standards listed in para. 5.1 shall comply with paras. 6 and 7.

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