ASME Ⅲ-3-2006 pdf download

ASME Ⅲ-3-2006 pdf download

WA-4100 REQUIREMENTS WA-4110 SCOPE AND APPLICABILITY (a) This Article sets forth the requirements for plan- ning, managing, and conducting Quality Assurance Pro- grams for controlling the quality of activities performed under this Division and the rules governing the evaluation of such Programs prior to the issuance of Certificates for construction of Class TC and SC containments. The Quality Assurance requirements for Material Organiza- tions are provided in WA- 3800. Certifcate Holders are advised to consult other regulations for quality assurance requirements governing activities beyon’d the scope of this Division. (b) N3 and NPT Certificate Holders shall comply with the Basic Requirements and Supplements of ASME NQA-1-1994 Edition, Quality Assurance Program Requirement for Nuclear Facilities, as modified and sup- plemented in WA-4120(b) and WA-4134. WA-4120 DEFINITIONS (a) The definitions in WA- 9000 shall apply. (b) The terms and definitions of NQA-1, Supplement S-1 shall apply except for those listed in (1) through (7) below. For the following terms, the definitions in WA-9000 shall apply: (I) item (2) Owner (3) quality assurance (4) repair (5) rework (6) service (7) use-as-is WA-4130 ESTABLISHMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION WA-4131 Material Organizations The requirements of NCA-3800, WA 3800 apply. WA-4134 Division 3 Certificate Holders (a) Provisions of NCA-4134 apply to N3 and NPT Certificate Holders. (b) For this Division, Tables WA- 4134.17-1 and WA- 4134.17-2 shall be used in place of Tables NCA -4134.17- 1 and NCA 4134.17-2 to identify lifetime and nonperma- nent records.
promptly returned to the Society upon demand, or when the Certificate Holder discontinues the scope of Code activities covered by his Certificate. The holder of a Code Symbol Stamp shall not permit any other party to use its Certificate or Code Symbol Stamp. The Society reserves the absolute right to cancel or refuse to renew such autho- rization, returning fees paid for the prorated unexpired term. WA -8180 RENEWAL OF AUTHORIZATION Not later than 6 months prior to the date of expiration of any Certificate, the Certificate Holder shall apply for a renewal of such authorization and the issuance of a new Certificate. WA -8200 NAMEPLATES AND STA MPING WA-8210 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS WA-8211 Nameplates (a) Each contanment or part to which a Code Symbol Stamp is applied shall have a nameplate, except as other- wise permitted by this Subarticle. Marking shall be as required by (1) through (5) below: (I) the applicable official Code Symbol Stamp, as shown in Table WA-8100-1; (2) Class of construction; (3) the staterment“Certified by”; (4) Certificate Holder’ s name;
(5) Containment serial number and, if applicable, National Board number and/ or Canadian registration number. (b) Valves fabricated by a Division 1 Certifcate Holder shall be stamped in accordance with NCA-8000. WA-8212 Stamping The Code Symbol Stamp shall be stamped on a name- plate attached to an item, except as otherwise permitted by this Subarticle. The arrangement of markings shall be 。as shown in Fig. WA-8212-1. The data shall be in charac- ters not less than为in. (2.5 mm) high. The selected method shall not result in any harmful contamination or sharp discontinuities. Stamping directly on items, when used, shall be done with blunt-nosed continuous or blunt- nose interrupted dot die stamps. WA-8213 Attachment of Nameplates (a) The nameplate shall be attached by a method that will not affect the structural integrity of the item.
(b) If the nameplate is marked before it is attached, the Certificate Holder shall assure that the nameplate with the correct marking has been attached and the Inspector shall verify that this has been done. WA-8220 NAMEPLATES (a) The markings required by WA-8210 shall be applied to a separate nameplate attached to the item. The nameplate shall be of a visible, permanent type and not detrimental to the item. The type, method, and manner of marking shall be described in the Certificate Holder’s Quality Assurance Program or Procedure. (b) If because of size or other considerations the name- plates cannot be directly attached to the containment, the Certificate Holder may secure the nameplate in a manner acceptable to the Authorized Inspection Agency. The use of this alternative method of identification, including the method of marking, shall be reviewed by and found acceptable to the Authorized Inspection Agency (WA-5121) prior to implementation by the Certifcate Holder.

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