API TR 1159-2014 pdf download

API TR 1159-2014 pdf download

API TR 1159-2014 pdf download.Guidelines for Oil Spill Response Training and Exercise Programs Guidance for Spill Management Teams and Oil Spill Responders.
1 Introduction 1.1 Purpose API’s Guidelines for Oil Spill Response Training and Exercise Programs (Guide) is intended to provide organizations with information on developing an Oil Spill Response Training and Exercise Program for oil Spill Management Teams and operational oil spill response personnel. A robust and comprehensive training and exercise program is an important element of an organization’s oil spill preparedness and response capability. Such a program will provide personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively respond to oil spills and demonstrate that capability through a variety of exercises. An effective program will be flexible and scalable to maintain an adequate level of preparedness over time as the organization’s oil spill risk profile changes. 1.2 Applicability and Scope This Guide is designed for organizations and personnel that have oil spill response plans, respond to oil spills, operate oil spill response equipment, and/or have oil spill response management or oversight responsibilities. This Guide may be applied to organizations of any size, from multi-national corporations to small businesses. It may be applied to private sector and non-governmental organizations, or any other type of organization with oil spill response requirements. Any applicable organization may use this Guide as a reference, and tailor its implementation in accordance with their own unique characteristics. This Guide may be applied to oil spill preparedness programs, regardless of the size, scope or location of oil spill risk. This includes spills in the marine environment, inland waters, on land, or any combination of locations. This Guide may be applied to spills of any type of oil, including crude oils, refined oil products and animal/vegetable oils.
4. The organization has developed and implemented an Oil Spill Response Plan for its assets and operations in accordance with applicable laws, regulations or its own prudence. If needed, source control plans or procedures may be included in the organization’s Oil Spill Response Plan, or be a stand-alone document(s). 5. The organization is responsible for establishing and maintaining a trained and capable Spill Management Team, comprised of any combination of internal and external personnel. 6. The organization is responsible for having spill response operations personnel available who would mobilize and use any necessary spill containment, removal equipment and other spill response resources. 7. The organization uses the terminology and principles of the Incident Command System (ICS), as described in Appendix B, of the U.S. National Incident Management System, 2008. 8. The organization follows, or may adopt, the U.S. National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) Guidelines, or similar multi-year training and exercise program. 9. The organization’s source control function is embedded within the Spill Management Team. Unless specifically referenced, source control personnel are included when referring to the Spill Management Team. 1.7 Tier Levels Throughout this Guide, “tier levels” are used to describe the size and scope of a potential oil spill response. The tiered approach to oil spill planning and preparedness is used by U.S. and International governmental and non-governmental organizations in developing oil spill response strategies, response team structures, and training and exercise programs.

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