API STD 6AR-2019 pdf download

API STD 6AR-2019 pdf download

API STD 6AR-2019 pdf download.Repair and Remanufacture of Wellhead and Tree Equipment.
4 General 4.1 Quality Management System The repairer/remanufacturer shall conduct repair/remanufacture operations under a quality management system that conforms to an internationally recognized quality management standard. Where API 6A requirements for quality control are invoked in this document, and API 6A has sampling provisions, sampling shall not be allowed. Each individual part shall be inspected. 4.2? Repair? and? Remanufacture? Specifcation? Levels? (RSL) The repair and remanufacture specifcation level (RSL) shall be designated to provide the appropriate quality control requirements for the repair and remanufacture of wellhead and tree equipment. NOTE 1 PSL is applicable to new product. RSL is applicable to repaired or remanufactured product and may not be representative of the original product PSL or the RSL of the previous repair/remanufacture cycle. NOTE 2 RSL indicates the level of quality control and documentation associated with the repair and remanufacture of equipment and does not represent the technical suitability of equipment for specifc service or performance requirements. 4.3? Application? of? RSL The PSL or current RSL shall be used to determine the RSL to which equipment may be repaired or remanufactured as follows: ― Equipment currently identifed as PSL 1 or RSL 1 shall be repaired or remanufactured to RSL 1. ― Equipment currently identifed as PSL 2 or RSL 2 shall be repaired or remanufactured to RSL 2 or RSL 1. ― Equipment currently identifed as PSL 3 or RSL 3 shall be repaired or remanufactured to RSL 3, RSL 2, or RSL 1. ― Equipment currently identifed as PSL 4 or RSL 4 shall be repaired or remanufactured to RSL 4, RSL 3, RSL 2, or RSL 1. NOTE 1 Table 1 summarizes the requirements of this standard to assist the user/purchaser and the repairer/ remanufacturer in the selection of the appropriate RSL for equipment. NOTE 2 Previously repaired or remanufactured equipment with repair/remanufacture cycles not conforming to this standard or the specifc repair/4.4 Service Conditions The API 6A service conditions shall apply to equipment that is repaired/remanufactured to this standard. NOTE The service conditions include pressure ratings, temperature ratings, and material class ratings. 5 Design Requirements 5.1 General A documented procedure to plan and control the product defnition of the repaired or remanufactured parts, used or reused parts, and new equipment shall be maintained by the organization performing the repair or remanufacture. 5.2? Product? Defnition Product defnition shall conform to API 18LCM, Section, including any additional design verifcation and validation requirements per API 6A for the product in repair or remanufacture. NOTE Design validation may be done by an organization other than the repairer/remanufacturer. 5.3? Product? Defnition? Status If the product defnition cannot be established from the markings on the equipment and records that are traceable to those markings, the equipment shall not fall within the scope of this document and cannot be repaired/ remanufactured to the requirements of this standard. 5.4? Product? Defnition? Changes When repair or remanufacture of the product impacts the product defnition and the performance established by the original technical specifcation, the new product defnition shall be developed in conformance with 5.2. The changes to the product defnition shall conform to the requirements defned in API 18LCM, Section 6. NOTE Changes to product defnition can impact requirements for repair/remanufacture activities. 5.5? Product? Defnition? Documentation Records of product defnition shall include the following: ― design inputs, including user/purchaser requirements; ― design outputs, including drawings and relevant acceptance criteria; ― evidence of design review and verifcation; and7 Prior to Repair/Remanufacture 7.1 Shipping and Receiving of Equipment Prior to shipping, the following shall be completed: ― All pressure has been released. ― Hazardous materials have been removed. ― A safety warning has been issued if a hazard is present. ― A check for NORM in compliance with the applicable local regulations (region/state/country/province) has been performed. NOTE Equipment containing NORM may require special handling and cleaning procedures per applicable regulatory requirements. 7.2? Equipment? Identifcation The owner of the equipment shall document the following information prior to shipping the equipment to the repairer/remanufacturer. Upon receiving the equipment and documentation,

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