API SPEC7-2-2017 pdf download

API SPEC7-2-2017 pdf download

API SPEC7-2-2017 pdf download.Threading and Gauging of Rotary Shouldered Connections.
1 Coverage 1 .1 This standard specifies the following requirements on rotary shouldered connections for use in petroleum and natural gas industries: dimensional requirements on threads and thread gauges , stipulations on gauging practice and gauge specifications , as well as instruments and methods for inspection of thread connections. These connections are intended primarily for use in drill-string components. Other supplementary specifications can be agreed between interested for special tolerance requirements , qualification , testing , inspection , and finishing. This standard applies both to newly manufactured connections and connections that are recut after service. It should be realized that recut connections are subject to additional inspection and testing- the user is re1erred to API 7G -2 for such in1 0rmation. This standard is applicable to the following preferred rotary shouldered connection designs. These are traceable to an internationally supported system of gauges and calibration that can be described as number (NC) style , regular (REG) style , or full-hole (FH) style. Application of the API Monogram 1 .2 If the product (gauge) is manu1 actured at a facility licensed by API and , it is intended to be supplied bearing the API Monogram , the requirements of Annex A apply Normative References 2 The 101 10wing referenced documents are indispensable 10r the application 01 this documen t. For dated references , only the edition cited applies. F or undated references , the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies. API 5pecification 5DP , Specification for Orill Pipe API 5pecification 7-1 , Specification for Rotary Orill Stem Elements 1 50 1 302 1 , Geometrical Product of surface texture in technical product documentation Petroleum and natural gas industries- Rotary drilling equipment- Part 1: Rotary drill stem elements 3 Terms , Definitions , Symbols , and Abbreviations 3.1 Terms and Definitions For the purposes of this document , the following terms and definitions apply. 3.1.1 bevel diameter Outside diameter 01 the contact 1ac e of the rotary shouldered connection. 3.1.2 box connection box end Threaded connection on oil country tubular goods with internal (female) threads 3.1.3 box thread Internal (female) threads of a rotary shouldered connection. 3.1 .4 break-in Procedure applied to newly manufactured threads to assure correct mating. 3.1.5 calibration system Documented system of gauge calibration and contro l. 3.1.6 cold rolling (cold working) Plastic deformation of the surface of the connection at a temperature low enough to induce strain hardening. 3.1.7 first perfect thread Thread furthest from the sealing face on a pin , or closest to the sealing face on a box , where both the crest and the root are fully formed. 3.1.8 full depth thread Thread in which the thread roo t lies on the minor cone of an external thread or lies on the major cone of an internal thread. 3.1.9 full-hole (FH) style Type and size of rotary shouldered connection , covered by this standard , having thread form of V-040 or V- 050. NOTE The number rela les 10 a h isto r ical drill pipe size. 3.1 .1 0 gauge point Imaginary plane , perpendicular to the thread axis of rotary shouldered connections at which , C , the pitch diameter at gauge point is measured. NOTE This plane is located 15.875 mm (0.625 in.) from the makeup shoulder of the pin or box connection (pi n or box end) , except on Working plug gauges , where it is located 34.925 mm (1.375 in .) from the reference face.
3.1.11 GOST Z style Type and size of the rotary shouldered connection , covered by a Russian standard , having the V-038R , V- 040 , or V-050 thread form. The number designation is the pin-base diameter , rounded to units 01 mil li meters. NOTE 3.1 .1 2 H90 style Type and size of rotary shouldered connection , having a 90 0 thread (90-V-050) form. The number relates to a historical drill pipe size . NOTE 3.1 .1 3 IF style Type and size of the rotary shouldered connection, having the V-038R thread f orm The number relates to a historical drill pipe size; t he t hrea d lo rm was historically V -065. NOTE 3.1 .1 4 interchange standoff Standoff between each member of a gauge set and a corresponding gauge higher in the ranking scheme: Grand Master or Regional Master , Reference Master , and Working gauge 3.1 .1 5 last engaged thread Last thread of the pin near the makeup shoulder that is engaged with the box threads or the box thread farthest from the shoulder that is engaged with the pin threads.

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