API Spec 12P-2016 pdf download

API Spec 12P-2016 pdf download

API Spec 12P-2016 pdf download.Specification for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tanks.
1 Scope 1.1 General This specification covers material, design, fabrication, and testing requirements for fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks. Only shop-fabricated, vertical, cylindrical tanks are covered. Tanks covered by this specification are intended for aboveground and atmospheric pressure service. Unsupported cone bottom tanks are outside the scope of this specification. This specification is designed to provide the petroleum industry with various standard sizes of FRP tanks. Because of the versatility of FRP tanks, the user shall be responsible for determining the suitability of FRP tanks for the intended service. NOTE The consequences of exposing FRP tanks to high temperatures created by exposure fires should be considered. This material loses strength as the temperature increases. FRP tanks should be suitably protected against fire exposure or so located that any spills resulting from the failure of these materials could not unduly expose persons, buildings, structures, or other equipment to the possible fire incident. 1.2 Compliance 1.2.1 The manufacturer is responsible for complying with all of the provisions of this specification. The purchaser is responsible defining their specific requirements in the Data Sheet. The purchaser may make any investigation necessary to be satisfied with compliance by the manufacturer and may reject any material that does not comply with this specification. NOTE The purchaser is encouraged to arrange for inspection independent of the inspection furnished by the manufacturer, and the purchaser’s inspector should follow closely all the details of shop fabrication and testing herein specified that affect the integrity and safety of the completed structure. 1.2.2 If specified by the purchaser on the Data Sheet, the tank shall be constructed in accordance with API Q1 and the API Monogram Program (see Annex A). 1.2.3 This specification applies to new tanks. The requirements may be applied to existing tanks at the discretion of the owner/operator.
3.7 mandatory Required sections of the specification become mandatory if the specification has been adopted by a legal jurisdiction or if the purchaser and the manufacturer choose to make reference to this specification on the nameplate of in the manufacturer’s certification. 3.8 manufacturer The party having the primary responsibility to construct the tank. 3.9 purchaser The owner, owner’s engineer, or operator who specifies the tank Data Sheet for the purchase. 3.10 purchaser’s option A choice to be selected by the purchaser and indicated on the Data Sheet. When the purchaser specifies an option covered by an annex, it then becomes a requirement. 3.11 recommendation Criteria that provides a good/acceptable design and may be used at the option of the purchaser and the manufacturer. 4 Material 4.1 General The materials used in the manufacture of tanks furnished to this specification are composite materials consisting of a thermosetting polymer reinforced with glass fibers. Permitted polymer resins are polyester resins, epoxy resins, or vinyl ester resins. The purchaser shall define the specific material on the Data Sheet if there is any specific condition, such as extreme temperature, in the service that could affect the material selection. 4.2 Resin 4.2.1 The resin used shall be commercial grade thermosetting polymer and shall not contain fillers and pigments, except if specified by the purchaser on the Data Sheet. Any thixotropic agent used for viscosity control shall not interfere with visual inspection. The thixotropic agent shall not exceed 5 % by weight. Resin paste/putty used to fill crevices before overlay shall not be subject to these limitations. 4.2.2 The effects of long exposure to ultraviolet radiation, such as surface chalking and discoloration, shall be mitigated by incorporating one or more of the following:a) UV absorber into the resin—these are incorporated in the external coat at a level of 0.1 to 0.3 weight percent, b) pigment outer resin layers/pigment to opacity, c) external surface paint as specified in the Data Sheet (see Annex D for additional coating requirements), d) UV-inhibited gelcoat compatible with underlying resin. NOTE Additions of any of the above may interfere with visual inspection of laminate quality.

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