API RP 15SIH-2021 pdf download

API RP 15SIH-2021 pdf download

API RP 15SIH-2021 pdf download.Installation and Handling of Spoolable Reinforced Line Pipe.
1 Scope This document establishes recommended practices for onshore installation and handling of spoolable reinforced plastic line pipe (API Specifcation 15S products) to prevent damage to pipe and feld-fttings (couplings, connectors, and end-fttings) in the feld environment and to assure assembly integrity prior to use. This document covers handling, layout planning, and installation by direct bury (trench and backfll), surface lay, directional drilling, plowing, and pull-through methods. Post-installation inspection and feld testing are also covered. This recommended practice outlines and identifes the important items that should be considered by each manufacturer and installer in their detailed procedures. This document is not intended to serve as a procedure or checklist for the installation and handling of spoolable reinforced line pipe products, nor is it inclusive of all items that may be required for the installation and handling of these products. Each spoolable reinforced line pipe product is manufactured with unique technology, and every manufacturer shall have detailed procedures, guidelines, and recommended practices for the proper and safe installation and handling of their products. The manufacturer should defne all the necessary equipment, tools, and ancillary items required for the safe installation, handling, rigging, transport, joining, and any other associated activities required for proper installation of their products. 2 Normative References The following referenced document is indispensable for the application of this document. The latest edition of the referenced document applies (including any addenda/errata). API Specifcation 15S, Specifcation for Spoolable Reinforced Plastic Line Pipe API Specifcation Q1, Specifcation for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry ISO 9001, 1 Quality management systems — Requirements
3.4 cover The protective outer sheath of the pipe. 3.5 end-ftting A mechanical device that forms the transition from the spoolable pipe to the connector. 3.6 end user The entity responsible for pipeline operation. 3.7 feld-ftting An end-ftting with a connector or coupling designed for permanent installation. 3.8 handling MBR The minimum allowable bend radius the unpressurized pipe is subjected to during any handling. 3.9 joining The process by which a feld-ftting is attached to the spoolable composite pipe to create a fuid-tight joint. 3.10 lowest allowable installation temperature The lowest allowable pipe temperature for deployment (e.g., unspooling and installation of fttings). 3.11 manufacturer An entity that fabricates products according to API Specifcation 15S. 3.12 operating MBR The minimum allowable bend radius for pipe when installed and pressurized to NPR. 3.13 pre-ripping The process of loosening the ground with earth-moving equipment prior to installation by plowing. 3.14 purchaser A person, organization, or other entity that is a recipient of a pipeline product provided by a seller under a purchase order or contract of sale. 3.15 purchaser’s agent An installation contractor, inspector, or manufacturer hired by the purchaser to perform specifc tasks (e.g., storing, unspooling, joining, handling, inspecting). 3.16 installer An individual who performs any specifc portion of the installation process, including but not limited to inspection, testing, digging, unspooling pipe, and joining feld-fttings.
3.17 respooling MBR The minimum allowable bend radius when respooling the pipe in the factory or the feld. 3.18 road crossing A design feature in pipeline construction that accounts for the placement of a spoolable reinforced plastic line pipe across a road such that vehicular trafc can pass over the pipe without damage to the pipe or vehicle. 3.19 spoolable pipe Pipe that is fexible enough to be provided as a coil or on a structural reel for transportation. NOTE For the purposes of this document, the terms “coils,” “reels,” and “spools” may be used interchangeably. 3.20 spoolable composite pipe The family of composite reinforced pipes in which the structural layer is fexible enough to enable spooling and unspooling.

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