API 662-2006 pdf download

API 662-2006 pdf download

API 662-2006 pdf download.Plate Heat Exchangers for General Refinery Services—Part 1—Plate-and- Frame Heat Exchangers.
5 Proposal information required 5.1 The vendor shall complete all information requested on the data sheet. Annex C provides suitable formats. 5.2 For components whose terms and definitions are not fully identified by Clause 3, the vendor shall describe the details of construction and assembly. 5.3 The vendor shall include a detailed description of any exception to the specified requirements. 5.4 The first-time use of a plate-and-frame heat exchanger design, component or material by the vendor for the purchaser’s intended service shall be clearly indicated by the vendor. 5.5 The vendor shall state the anticipated life of the proposed gaskets in the specified service and in storage. Special requirements for gasket storage to maintain gasket shelf-life shall be specified. 5.6 5.7 The vendor shall state the method of support used for the movable cover. The vendor shall supply a recommended spare parts list for each plate-and-frame heat exchanger. 5.8 If a fireproof shroud is specified, the plate-and-frame heat exchanger vendor shall submit proof that the proposed design has passed suitable type testing.This part of ISO 15547 gives requirements and recommendations for the mechanical design, materials selection, fabrication, inspection, testing, and preparation for shipment of plate-and-frame heat exchangers for use in petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries. It is applicable to gasketed, semi-welded and welded plate-and-frame heat exchangers. 2 Normative references The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies. ISO 8501-1, Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products — Visual assessment of surface cleanliness — Part 1: Rust grades and preparation grades of uncoated steel substrates and of steel substrates after overall removal of previous coatings 3 Terms and definitions For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. 3.1 drip tray tray that is able to collect droplets from an entire heat exchanger plate pack 3.2 end plate plate which prevent the fluids in a plate-and-frame heat exchanger from contacting the fixed and removable covers NOTE There are two end plates, one at each end of the plate-and-frame heat exchanger. 3.3 frame assembly that provides the structural support and pressure containment of a plate-and-frame heat exchanger 3.4 welded plate pack plate pack where the gaskets have been replaced by welds
7.5 Corrosion allowance 7.5.1 7.5.2 Corrosion allowance, if specified, shall apply to unlined connections only. The corrosion allowance for plate material shall be zero. 7.6 Components 7.6.1 Plates shall conform to the following: a) the nominal thickness of gasketed plates before being pressed shall be sufficient to meet design conditions but shall not be less than 0,5 mm (0,02 in); b) the plates shall be fully supported by the carrying bar; c) the plates shall be designed to meet the design conditions without the need of additional stiffeners attached to the plate, unless otherwise approved by the purchaser; d) the thickness of pass plates shall be sufficient to withstand the total stream pressure drop across the port area the wetted surfaces of supports for pass plates shall be of the same material as the plates; f) all gasketed and semi-welded plates shall have permanently stamped identification for proper assembly; g) end plates shall be furnished at the fixed and movable covers. 7.6.2 Fixed and movable covers shall conform to the following: a) Covers designed with the use of stiffeners shall require approval of the purchaser; b) Covers shall be furnished with slotted holes for tie bolts. The design shall mechanically restrain the tie bolts or nuts from turning. 7.6.3 Tie bolts and nuts for gasketed and semi-welded plate packs shall conform to the following: a) the nominal diameter of tie bolts shall be at least 16 mm (5/8 in); b) each tie bolt shall have one captive nut and at least one running nut. The length of each nut shall be greater than or equal to that of a heavy hexagonal type; c) hardened steel washers shall be provided under all rotating nuts; d) each tie bolt shall be supplied greased and with a plastic sleeve to protect it from the environment.

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