API 5L-2004 pdf download

API 5L-2004 pdf download

API 5L-2004 pdf download.Specification for Line Pipe.
6.2.3 Bend Tests Welded Grade A25 pipe of size 2 3 / 8 and smaller shall be tested according to 9.3.3. No cracks shall occur in any portion of the pipe, and no opening shall occur in the weld. Note: For all bend tests, the weld extends to a distance on each side of the weld line of 1 / 4 in (6.4mm) for pipe smaller than size 2 3 / 8 , and 1 / 2 in (12.7mm) for pipe of size 2 3 / 8 . 6.2.4 Manipulation Tests for Submerged-arc, Gas Metal-arc, and Laser Welds Submerged-arc and gas metal-arc welds in pipe of all sizes, and laser welds in pipe of sizes 12 3 / 4 and larger, shall be tested by the guided-bend test (see 9.3.4). 6.2.5 Fracture Toughness Tests Charpy Impact Tests for PSL 1 For PSL 1 pipe, Charpy impact testing is not required. Charpy Impact Tests for PSL 2 For pipe in the size and wall thickness combinations given in Table 14, Charpy V-notch tests shall be conducted in accor- dance with the requirements of 9.10.4 and the following: a. The test temperature shall be + 32¡F (0¡C); however, pipe tested at a lower temperature is also acceptable if it meets all other applicable fracture toughness requirements below. b. For all grades, the required minimum average (set of three specimens) absorbed energy for each heat based on full size specimens shall be 20 ft-lb (27 J) for transverse specimens or 30 ft-lb (41 J) for longitudinal specimens, whichever is appli- cable per Table 14. c. For all grades, the shear area of each specimen shall be reported for each heat. d. For X80 only, the required minimum all-heat average absorbed energy for the entire order item, based on full size Charpy specimens shall be 50 ft-lb (68 J) for transverse spec- imens; or 75 ft-lb (101 J) for longitudinal specimens, whichever is applicable per Table 14. If the all-heat average of the order does not meet the applicable requirement, the manufacturer shall be responsible for the replacement of heats to bring the average up to the required level. Supplementary Fracture Toughness Tests In addition to the requirements in and, when so speciÞed on the purchase order, the manufacturer shall conduct fracture toughness tests in accordance with Supple- mentary Requirement 5 and/or 6 (see SR5 and SR6 of Appendix F) or any combination of these, and shall furnish a report of results showing compliance with the supplementary requirements speciÞed. The purchaser shall specify on the purchase order the testing temperature for SR5 and SR6 and the Charpy V-notch absorbed energy for SR5B. 6.2.6 Metallographic Examination For PSL 1 electric welded pipe in grades higher than X42, for PSL 2 electric welded pipe in all grades, and for laser welded pipe in all grades, full body normalized pipe excluded, compliance with the requirement in and to heat treat the entire heat affected zone shall be dem- onstrated by metallographic examination of a weld cross sec- tion. Such examinations shall be performed at least once per operating shift (12 hours maximum) and whenever changes of grade, diameter, or wall thickness are made and whenever signiÞcant excursions from operating heat treatment condi- tions are encountered. 7 Dimensions, Weights, Lengths, Defects, and End Finishes 7.1 SPECIFIED DIMENSIONS Line pipe shall be furnished in the outside diameters and wall thicknesses speciÞed on the purchase order; such dimen- sions shall be in accordance with one of the following: a. As given in Table 4, 5, 6A, 6B, 6C, E-6A, E-6B, or E-6C, whichever is applicable. b. By agreement between the purchaser and the manufac- turer, intermediate to the values given in Table 6A, 6B, 6C, E- 6A, E-6B, or E-6C, whichever is applicable. 7.2 DIAMETER The outside diameter shall be within the tolerances speci- Þed in Tables 7 and 8. For threaded pipe, the outside diameter at the threaded ends shall be such that the thread length, L4, and the number of full-crest threads in that length are within the applicable dimensions

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